Be careful what you pick up

  • Our family had a bizarre morning and I thought I'd share the story.


    My father had taken all 3 of our dogs on a walk early in the morning today. On his way back, he noticed something lying on the sidewalk right in front of our house. Thinking it was just a kid's toy, he picked it up and brought it into the house to show me. He handed it over and I was suprised at how heavey it was. I looked at it more carefully and realized it was a real gun lol.


    Raven Arms - Raven Arms Model MP-25 .25 Cal Semi Auto Pistol - Picture 3


    It was only a raven .25 auto, but I was sure glad my dad didn't accidently shoot himself (or our poor dogs) with it. It would have been even worse if some neighborhood kid had found it.


    So, I called the police and they sent an officer over to pick the gun up. I talked to the officer a bit and found out that someone had committed a robbery the previous night accross town. The police chased the perp all the way to our neighborhood and finally tackled him once he ditched the get-away car. They never found the weapon used in the robbery.....until my father stumbled accross it this morning lol. I guess the guy ditched the gun as he ran from police....probably trying to avoid an 'armed robbery' charge?


    Anyways, this is just a reminder to us NOT pick up anything that looks like a gun! There are some guns so small that they could be mistaken for toys. Call your local non-emergency police and let them check it out. Even though the .25 is so weak, it could still kill you if you got hit in the wrong place. Better safe than sorry.

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